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Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, you want an athletic style of class, or are looking for a way to de-stress and relax, at Mount Yoga we have a class for you. We offer many different styles of yoga to suit your needs regardless of your age, size or gender, or your level of experience, flexibility or fitness.

New to our studio?

Take advantage of our Introductory Offer. This pass is valid for ten consecutive days to give you a chance to come in and try as many different classes as you choose. You don’t need to book in advance, just arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to your first class and sign up and pay at the studio.


$25 for a Ten Day Pass
Ten Consecutive Days of Life Changing Yoga
Purchase at the studio on your first visit.

Never practiced yoga before?

We understand that if you have not practiced yoga before it can be intimidating to walk into a busy class at a studio and hard to even know where to start, so we recommend you start with our Beginner’s Workshop Class which is run on the first Sunday of every month.

Sign up for this workshop on our Events page below.

Still have questions or would like me to contact you? Fill in our Contact Form below and I will reply to answer all your questions; or call me directly and we can have a chat now. Driving past? Feel free to pop in and view our studio any time the front door is open. Come in and say hi to me, Stephanie, Studio Owner, and Jax, our Studio Mascot.

I look forward to meeting you.
Stephanie Olver
Studio Owner

Our Events

11Jul 2017

New Workshop

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29Apr 2017

SHINE Workshop with Brita Hollows

A Radical and Contemporary course in metaphysics and quantum physics....

27Apr 2017

Bikram Beginner’s Class

New to Yoga and want to try a Bikram Class without the heat and pressure of keeping up with a full class?...

27Mar 2017

Yin – Meditation Class

Yin with Meditation...

25Feb 2017

Yin Yoga Healing Workshop

Tune into Divine Guidance with Healing Yin Yoga....